Oraya Therapeutics has received CE mark extension approval for its IRay Radiotherapy system to treat choroidal metastases, a cancer in the eye, developing most commonly from primary sites in the breast or lung.

The new indication expands the firm’s prior approval of the system for the treatment of wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

The extension approval allows the company to provide new treatment option for patients in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Oraya Therapeutics CEO Jim Taylor said: "This oncology indication demonstrates the breadth of possibilities that are enabled by the proprietary aspects of the IRay platform.

"While Oraya’s primary focus remains on treating wet AMD, we continue to identify and evaluate other uses of the technology that may benefit patients and clinicians."

IRay Radiotherapy system uses a robotically positioned low-energy X-ray source to deliver a precise dose of radiation to the back of the eye in a 15-20 minute non-invasive procedure.

According to Oraya, the stereotactic radiation delivery and the use of low energy X-rays help to treat choroidal metastases without surgery and the related patient burden of multiple treatment sessions.

Oraya received CE mark approval for the system to treat wet AMD in March 2010, and commenced commercializing Oraya Therapy in 2014. Currently, Oraya Therapy is available at 11 treatment centers in Germany, the UK and Switzerland.