Optim has successfully tested the ENTityXL for material compatibility with STERIS Revital-Ox Resert XL HLD high level disinfectant. As a result the unit has proven to offer a longer life span through many cycles.

Using the same patented light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology as the company’s current ENTity Nasopharyngoscope, the ENTityXL incorporates an LED light source directly into the handle of the endoscope making it the most favorable portable option for physicians.

Optim CEO Paul Joyce noted the launch of this new endoscope offers its physicians yet another method of disinfecting their equipment with less concern for product wear and failure.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with a product that will meet and exceed their needs," Joyce added.

Optim sales manager Giris Azize said: "This next generation of our popular ENTity model is a result of the needs in the market for an endoscope that can be used in a more aggressive cleaning solution."