Opnext, a provider of infrared laser diodes, has rolled out HL40023MG, a high power 404nm, 500mW violet laser diode for biomedical illumination applications, as well as direct imaging on PCB manufacturing surfaces.

Opnext said the HL40023MG violet laser diode offers manufacturers the option to use a high power diode in a small 5.6mm package.

The HL40023MG provides 400mW of optical output power, with a typical operating current of 390mA.

Lumencor Business Development vice president Claudia Jaffe said they believe cost competitive, high intensity sources like Opnext’s 404nm lasers are critical to improving the capabilities of instruments like high performance illuminators.

Opnext Devices Business Unit president Tadayuki Kanno said Lumencor develop a medical illumination system that uses a light source to perform medical imaging tests and research ans as the industry trend moves toward using higher power laser diodes, they will continue to develop innovative diodes with a low operating current.