One StockDuq Holdings has filed a patent infringement case against Becton, Dickinson and Company in the US District Court for the Western District of Tennessee for continuing to infringe One StockDuq's Patent.

The patent No. 5,704,914 covers an intravenous catheter placement assembly, which includes a translucent hub for observing blood flashback to confirm entry into the blood vessel and a retractable needle to prevent needle stick injuries.

The US-based company alleges that developers of the intravenous catheter placement assembly, Dr Stocking and Dr Duque have contacted Becton, Dickinson on multiple occasions to seek a business relationship with respect to their patented invention.

One StockDuq in its complaint said although Becton, Dickinson requested additional information about their invention, it nevertheless declined to enter into a business relationship with the doctors.

Subsequently, Becton, Dickinson is alleged to have introduced into the market its own IV catheter placement assemblies that infringe One-SD’s patent.

The suit seeks injunctive relief and damages as remedies for the infringement.