Ms Westbrook brings over 25 years of experience with a broad-based medical device background, including CFO roles at small and large companies, ranging from venture-backed start-up to publicly traded companies with market caps in excess of $1bn.

AcceleDent is a simple, removable dental device that orthodontic patients wear in the mouth for 20 minutes daily to accelerate tooth movement. AcceleDent has been introduced at the 7th International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) in Sydney, Australia, which was held by the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO). The company plans to begin shipment of commercial product to the Australian market in the second quarter.

OrthoAccel is presently controlling availability of AcceleDent in the UK to a select group of orthodontic specialists before a broader release in October 2010. The company is anticipating the conclusion of another US clinical trial at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio with a target completion date later in 2010.

Michael Lowe, CEO of OrthoAccel, said: “We met with a number of exceptional individuals about this position with OrthoAccel, and Pam clearly rose to the top. Within all of her experience and accomplishments, perhaps the most compelling talent that she brings is the ability to manage growth. We are very pleased to have her as a part of the team here.”

Ms Westbrook, a Texas-certified public accountant, said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the team at OrthoAccel. The company is well-positioned to provide a valuable product for orthodontic patients and I look forward to working closely with the management team and Board of Directors to advance the company’s business plan.”