Personal wellness products manufacturer Omron Healthcare has introduced a new blood pressure monitor and scale, which can be connected to smartphone, tablet, or other gateway devices for telemedicine and telehealth applications.

Both the devices can be easily connected to a gateway to transfer data and can be incorporated to Qualcomm Life’s medical-grade 2net Connectivity Platform, 2net Hub and 2net Mobile to capture and aggregate biometric data for transmission to virtually any third party application or portal.

Omron Healthcare medical affairs executive director Jim Li said: "These easy to use devices allow chronically ill patients the freedom to monitor their health in the comfort of their homes instead of traveling to a hospital, which can prove to be a challenge.

"Omron’s new products were designed to keep patients connected with their healthcare providers."

The new blood pressure monitor (HEM-9200T) features simple and direct guidelines that will enhance the quality of care. It includes one button operation for convenience and wide-range cuff to fit various upper arm sizes and an irregular heartbeat detector, allowing to easily send captured features to a monitoring center.

The new scale (HN-290T) has a measuring capacity of 550lb that covers almost all patients and stepping on the scale automatically turns on the measurement mode while the large surface size increase stability and the large font displays easy to read results.

Omron provides a StarterKit to system developers or solution providers to enhance the integration of its new devices with various telemedicine or telehealth solution platforms.