The software supports clinicians to carry out different tasks, as well as delivers more utility for pathologists to help make confident decisions.

It also helps pathologists to adapt to a digital workflow through the use of intuitive design and enhanced tools.

The company said that the use of digital platforms for aiding in diagnosis permits clinicians to view images and collaborate in real-time.

Omnyx CEO Mamar Gelaye said: "Dynamyx connects pathologists and other care providers, allowing them to efficiently and securely share their expertise and collaborate. Omnyx is proud to offer more value to the market.

"We thank the numerous pathologists across the industry and our partners at UPMC for their insights and innovation in informing our efforts on Dynamyx."

The firm will exhibit the new pathology software at the USCAP Annual Meeting in Seattle, which will be held from 14 to 16 March.

Omnyx produces products for in vitro diagnostic use for specific clinical applications, and are intended for research use only on other applications.

Its Precision Solution includes smart scanners, brilliant software and transformative consulting, which allows all members of the cancer care team to work together to enhance patient outcomes.

Image: Omnyx has introduced new digital pathology software. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles /