OmniGuide has introduced a new version of its minimally invasive CO2 laser delivery system, designed for performing laparoscopic endometriosis surgery.

Brown Fertility director Samuel Brown said the CO2 laser is considered the optimal energy source for endometriosis surgery, but clinical applications were limited due to the cumbersome set-up and inadequate anatomical access associated with older technologies.

"OmniGuide’s device allows me to operate with the clinical advantages of CO2 laser along with the ergonomics and ease-of-use I expect from advanced laparoscopic instruments," Brown added.

"The technology will undoubtedly change the way that endometriosis is treated today, and I am pleased that I can be one of the first to offer it to my patients."

OmniGuide president and CEO Scott Flora said, "Based on the positive feedback we have received from gynecologists, I am confident that our new instrument set will allow us to establish a strong presence in endometriosis surgery."