Lori Chavis, a partner in Omega Medical Solutions said that they have selected Allscripts through their experience using management solutions and watching Allscripts Practice Management move to the forefront with high-value updates focused on simplifying and speeding client workflows. They performed a side-by-side speed test involving Allscripts and other major practice management solutions, and Allscripts won hands-down, 2-to-1.

Being in the billing business, it’s important for us to process data accurately, but we also have to do it as quickly as possible, said Chavis. We will support more clients with less, do it consistently, and with the highest of quality and quantity. This not only benefits us but allows us to provide our clients with a state of the art practice management system and maximum reimbursement at lower cost.

Allscripts Practice Management combines sophisticated billing and scheduling tools in a single package. Its user-friendly interface and extensible design provides a fast return on investment for any practice size.

Allscripts Payerpath claims management is a complete revenue cycle management solution that provides an easy-to-use, secure method for electronically submitting insurance claims to payers quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Claims are uploaded from the practice management system to the Network Operating Center (NOC) where payer, specialty and HIPAA-specific edits are applied. Claims that pass all edits are sent to the individual payers for processing and claims that fail any edits are immediately available for correction prior to payer submission.

More than 260 million claims are processed annually and 500 million revenue cycle management transactions done with Payerpath by thousands of physician groups across the US.

Payerpath’s point-of-service verification of insurance coverage is another huge value proposition, said Chavis. In this economy, more and more patients have lost insurance or changed insurance and they often don’t share that information with the front desk. Now our clients can push a button while working in Allscripts Practice Management and have that information immediately available from Payerpath. That’s almost priceless.

Allscripts Chief Executive Officer Glen Tullman commented, Omega Medical Solutions has demonstrated strong leadership by providing their physician clients – including many of our own clients – with the practice management and revenue cycle management capabilities they need to thrive in present challenging healthcare market. As the nation’s largest physician-focused claims clearinghouse, our Payerpath solution in particular gives Omega’s clients the credibility, experience and results that payers demand, which means they get reimbursed for their services more quickly and with less hassle.

The important factor here is the integration between the electronic health record and the billing system, added Warren Ratley, M.D., Vice President of Physician Services for Conway Physicians Group, an integrated physician network affiliated with Conway Medical Center in Conway, S.C., that is both an Omega client and a user of Allscripts Electronic Health Record and Practice Management. It’s critical that we have an all-in-one product to support the development of a community health network with practice management and electronic health records and as many physicians as possible in the community on the same system so they can provide better patient care.

Both Allscripts Practice Management and Payerpath are delivered to the clients of Omega over the Internet via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.