The OER-Mini is a tabletop endcoscope reprocessor that helps to enhance reprocessing efficiency by removing some manual steps of reprocessing endoscopes via high level disinfecting.

The OER-Mini can be used across various settings ranging from the hospital to the ambulatory center or clinic, enabling to reduce costs for the healthcare system.

With quick reprocessing time at 16 minutes, the OER-Mini has been designed specifically for Olympus flexible endoscopes. It will decrease the risk of human error and mishandling during the reprocessing process.

Various benefits offered by OER-Mini include decreased reprocessing, improved efficiencies and helping staff to focus on patient-centered care.

The OER-Mini can be installed on a tabletop or cart, and offers flexibility for facilities with limited space.

The system also features vapor filtration system that help decrease operator’s exposure to chemical fumes, as well as printer for simple logging that offers record of scope reprocessing results.

Olympus America ENT business unit vice president Dana Currier said: “Given the diligent attention to detail needed for manual cleaning, as well as the increasing demands for efficiency at today’s ENT clinics, our customers have been asking us for a viable infection control solution for flexible ENT endoscopes.

“We’re very pleased to provide that solution in a compact, package designed that addresses the aims of value-based care.”

Olympus will exhibit the OER-Mini tabletop endcoscope reprocessor at this year’s American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO) conference in Atlanta, which is being held from 7 to 10 October.

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