Olympus said that in May 2019, it has secured 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector.

The Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector is a sterile, cage-like cover designed to protect the distal tip and bending rubber section of the endoscopes from impact or damage while being transported and stored.

In addition, the Scope Pro-tech is designed to allow continuous airflow and enable safe channel drying, avoiding moisture build-up.

Olympus said that its new endoscopic tip protector forms the latest addition to a broad range of products and services it offers to support endoscope transport, reprocessing and storage, to help customers reduce the need for endoscope repair.

Group Vice President at Olympus America Kurt Heine said: “We estimate that 45 percent of endoscope damage that we see occurs at the distal tip.  This is one of the most crucial parts of an endoscope. Optics are the hallmark of any endoscope, and we have spent 65-plus years perfecting ours to help physicians see the most minute details.

“Our goal is to be true to patient care, making sure that scopes are spared repair downtime and kept inside procedure rooms, where they do their best work.”

The other products offered by the company include the ChanlDry Drying Cabinet for drying endoscopes, the Endo SafeStack Transport Carts for safely transporting endoscopes and differentiating between clean and dirty scopes, the Visual Reprocessing Guide for video support of scope cleaning steps, the UNIFIA endoscope related management software platform.

Its Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector is expected to reduce downtime and repairs by avoiding scope damage. Furthermore, the new endoscopic tip protector is available in two sizes ProTech S (Blue) for 2.75mm to 8mm in diameter and the ProTech L (Yellow) for 8.75mm to 14.75mm in diameter, to fit most types of endoscopes.