Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), a provider of clinical genetics and diagnostic solutions to advance molecular medicine, has signed a license agreement granting Biotype access to OGT patents for the detection of DNA sequence variations.

The licence, which will remain valid for the lifetime of the patents, provides Biotype with certain rights with respect to SNP genotyping.

OGT Business Development VP Sue Sutton said that OGT continues to develop its licensing programme and is pleased to license their sequence variation patents to Biotype.

"These patents are an important part of OGT’s broad patent portfolio and, together with Biotype’s microarray platform, gives customers access to a new, comprehensive way of detecting commercially important wood-rotting fungi," Sutton said.

Biotype executive director Wilhelm Zorgiebel said that they are pleased to enter into this licensing arrangement with OGT which helps them to develop their own microarray technology platform for various applications in medicine and analytics.

"Our first product, which is completely unique in the market, is the Mycotype BasidioQSMicroarray Detection Kit, which allows the fast and sensitive, simultaneous analysis of the 27 most important wood-rotting basidiomycetes in Europe," Zorgiebel said.