Germany-based medical device company Occlutech has introduced its range of PFO and ASD occluders in the South Korean market.

The firm’s products are already available in Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan, and is expecting approvals in Japan and China in the next few years.

Occlutech said that its PFO and ASD occluders include flexible Nitinol wire mesh with shape and memory properties.

The implants are said to accommodate a broad range of anatomies with different configurations and multiple sizes.

Occlutech Group CEO Tor Peters said: "We are very pleased to provide patients and cardiologists in South Korea with our unique and innovative products.

"With our local partner, we are now creating a presence with sales and clinical specialists all over South Korea."

Occlutech develops products for the treatment of structural heart disease. It sells and markets ASD, PFO, PLD and PDA occluders, as well as a range of specialized occlusion devices and accessories in around 80 countries across the globe.

The company operates facilities in Germany, Turkey and Sweden.