NxStage Medical, a manufacturer of dialysis products, is introducing three new products at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Annual Kidney Week 2013 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, 5 November through 10 November 2013.

The new offerings include the NxStage System One S, Nx2me Connected Health, and the NxStage Dosing Calculator.

The NxStage System One S’s higher dialysate flow rates allow for a wider range of flexible therapy options and a higher dose in the same time as it would take with the System One.

The System One S allows nephrologists expanded possibilities to adjust the duration and frequency of patient prescriptions with greater flexibility than they have today.

Nx2me Connected Health leverages tablets, cloud computing and wireless communications. A key component of this solution is the Nx2me app, developed for the iPad and used by patients at home.

The app collects NxStage System One cycler data, as well as patient information such as blood pressure and weight. Patients can review, confirm, and transmit this data to their centers after each treatment.

Dialysis center staff can access the transmitted data using the Nx2me Clinician Portal, gaining enhanced capabilities to review and follow treatment adherence and progress.

The new NxStage Dosing Calculator is an online tool that helps physicians develop prescriptions tailored to patients’ clinical and lifestyle objectives.

Using formulas from peer-reviewed publications, the Dosing Calculator quickly displays a wide range of therapy options to assist physicians in prescribing for a desired dose.

This online tool is designed to reduce nephrologist time in calculating and assessing hundreds of possible prescription options to achieve clinical goals.

NxStage Medical CEO Jeffrey H Burbank the company is very proud of its continued commitment to innovation and its ability to bring new products to market.

"We are really excited about the potential of these enhancements to improve both ease of use of our therapy and efficiency for providers, clinicians, and most importantly, our patients," Burbank added.