Nuvolo has launched medical device cyber security platform, powered by ServiceNow Security Operations, to help healthcare providers mitigate cyber security risks.

The platform will help IT, security and clinical engineering teams of healthcare providers in strengthening their cyber security posture and reducing risk across their medical device fleet. 

Nuvolo’s medical device data will be integrated into the ServiceNow platform, allowing IT, security and clinical engineering teams to gain shared visibility into device posture and automate workflows to reduce risk. 

Presently, one of the biggest threats affecting the healthcare industry is cyber attacks and the number network connected medical devices is growing rapidly.

Gartner estimates that by 2020, the number of medical devices that require security hardening by a healthcare provider will increase by 45%.

Nuvolo CEO Tom Stanford said true enterprise visibility and risk mitigation for connected medical devices has not been attainable until now and clinical engineering teams and their peers in IT and security apply dissimilar approaches to addressing this complex set of challenges. 

Stanford said: “Our new integrated solution now provides healthcare systems one trusted medical device data source to foster meaningful collaboration, process improvement and sustainable levels of medical device cyber security risk mitigation.

“Our integration with ServiceNow Security Operations offers a modern and efficient way to protect the integrity of medical devices and foster collaboration between IT, security and clinical engineering.”

ServiceNow vice president and security and risk general manager Sean Convery said the integration of Security Operations into the Nuvolo platform allows customers to benefit from better collaboration, enhanced incident response and faster remediation at scale.

Available on the ServiceNow store, Nuvolo’s medical device cyber security platform uses automated workflows and a modern platform to improve cyber security risk mitigation.

Nuvolo said the integration of ServiceNow Security Operations offers cyber security risk management with its incident and vulnerability response and threat intelligence capabilities.