NuLids, simple one-minute, once-a-day, doctor directed at-home treatment for dry eye disease, can significantly improve both the signs and symptoms associated with most dry eye disease


Image: NuSight Medical sells 5,000 units of NuLids. Photo: Courtesy of JurajVarga/Pixabay

NuSight Medical today announced that they have sold their 5,000th NuLids System. NuSight is a medical device company focused on improving the treatment and outcomes of dry eye disease and its related complications. NuLids is a simple one-minute, once-a-day, doctor directed at-home treatment for dry eye disease. When used as directed, the NuLids System will significantly improve both the signs and symptoms associated with most dry eye disease in less than 30 days.

“The NuLids System is a big advance for eye care practitioners seeking improved outcomes for not only their dry eye disease patients, but for other mainstream conditions like cataracts and contact lens intolerance as well. For doctors focused on the treatment of ocular surface diseases and a number of other related ocular surface conditions, NuLids is demonstrating effectiveness with conditions like blepharitis, demodex, ectasia, cylindrical dandruff, hyperemia, scurf, scaling, lid margin thickening, Meibomian stasis, rosacea, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Steven Johnson Syndrome, and styes,” said John Olkowski MD, cornea specialist and the inventor of NuLids.

The NuLids System works by stimulating and rejuvenating the patient’s Meibomian glands back to a healthy state. These tiny glands in the upper and lower lids secrete a small amount of oil that coats the tears and forms a barrier against premature evaporation. Clinical evidence suggests that a Meibomian Gland Deficiency is responsible for 86% of all dry eye disease. Without enough quantities of this oil being disbursed, tears break down too quickly, and dry eye occurs, leading to tear film instability and a proliferation of ocular surface complications. When the oils become active again, the entire disease cycle is better brought under control and the clinical signs and symptoms of dry eye are reduced.

Doctors prescribing the NuLids System have noticed a dramatic improvement in their patients’ dry eye signs and symptoms.

“Apart from the measurable improvement in clinical signs, patients using NuLids consistently say they feel much better, they find the product easy to use, and the one dollar a day they spend on their daily NuLids treatment is resulting in a substantial cost savings in OTC lubricants and co-pays on prescriptions they are able to discontinue,” said John Schachet, OD, who practices in Inglewood, CO. In addition to great clinical results for his patients, Dr. Schachet is very pleased with the practice-building and financial results provided by the NuLids System. “Patients using NuLids are ecstatic when they get relief and gain some degree of normalcy back in their lives.”

“My eyes are no longer red and sore all the time. NuLids has allowed me to be much more comfortable, and I am now doing more of the things I love to do. I truly believe using NuLids is giving me my life back,” said Debbie from Boston, MA.

“Clearly NuLids’ growth is supported by its approval and acceptance from both doctors and patients,” said Jim Laux, Chief Marketing Officer of NuSight Medical. “NuLids is an effective, all-natural at-home addition to the doctor’s treatment plan.”

“We are also very proud of NuLids’ safety record,” continued Laux. “Since launching the NuLids System a little over a year ago, we have not had one single reportable event. That’s over 1/4 million lid treatments performed without an incident.”

Source: Company Press Release