NuGEN Technologies has expanded the utility of next-generation sequencing (NGS) for the analysis of microbial species and microbiome samples with its Ovation Prokaryotic RNA-Seq System.

The technology used in the product enriches for mRNA in NGS libraries, and can be applied to transcriptomes extracted from pure and mixed microbial cultures in a simple workflow.

The Ovation Prokaryotic RNA-Seq System demonstrates NuGEN’s efforts to continue to address critical bottlenecks in NGS sample preparation.

NuGEN senior research member Christopher Raymond said Ovation Prokaryotic RNA-Seq System will drive further expansion of NGS in the emerging area of metatranscriptomics.

"This important addition to the NuGEN product portfolio for NGS reaffirms our commitment to help solve the biological questions our customers continually strive to answer by studying new and challenging sample types," Raymond said.