Positron, a molecular imaging solutions company focused on nuclear cardiology, has reported that its Nuclear Pharm-Assist product line also includes solutions for both cardiac and cancer diseases.

Positron said that its Nuclear Pharm-Assist, an automated radiopharmaceutical dose dispensing device, aims to transform the way healthcare providers serve patients seeking care for numerous cardiac and cancer diseases. The device has been attracting new partners by streamlining the production, dispensing and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals.

Through automation procedures which are normally manually performed by technologists, pharmacists and staff, Positron’s platform is able to expedite and deliver difficult to handle and transport doses at medical treatment facilities of all sizes. At the same time, the Nuclear Pharm-Assist, meets the strict guidelines for radiation exposure and is designed as a platform for compliance with US Pharmacopeia regulations (USP 797).

Patrick Rooney, CEO of Positron, said: “We believe Positron’s dose dispensing device will revolutionize the way radiopharmaceuticals are compounded and distributed in the US and around the world. Positron’s products, services and position in the marketplace provide an economical, efficient and regulatory compliant solution in the multibillion dollar per year radiopharmaceutical consumables industry.

“While most in the industry already know that PET is the future of nuclear cardiology, we fully expect that an equal to greater amount of revenue and profits will be generated by our new proprietary automated radiopharmaceutical device as it is used in both the cardiac and oncology sectors.”