A web-based critical test result management solution for hospital diagnostic departments

Nuance Communications has reported the availability of Veriphy 4.0, a Web-based critical test result management (CTRM) solution for hospital diagnostic departments. Veriphy helps to ensure auditable communication of patients’ urgent test results.


Veriphy is currently helping nearly 175 hospitals nationwide to automate the delivery, verification and documentation of critical test results (CTR).


The company said that Veriphy 4.0 will support multi-facility integrated delivery networks (IDN). The multi-site functionality expands the IDN’s ability to consistently track, document and report real-time communication of critical results across each facility.


Veriphy can analyse order information based on facility defined rules to critical tests (ie stroke protocol). In addition, Veriphy provides statistical and compliance reporting to show documentation for the full-lifecycle of a critical test, including the communication to the patient’s caregiver.


Veriphy messages can be searched and viewed in accordance with various clinical and administrative inquiry needs, including by patient last name, medical record or test number, open messages, delivered messages, etc.


Veriphy 4.0 offers several interface enhancements, including customisable drop-down menus, audio control for easy message recording, screen minimisation tool, encrypted passwords and many other new capabilities, based on customer feedback.


The company claims that as part of the Veriphy workflow, reporting clinicians create messages from a phone or computer, and Veriphy alerts ordering clinicians that the CTR is pending.


It indicates the urgency of the CTR and continues to send alerts until the message is retrieved. If the message is not retrieved, the Veriphy system automatically escalates notification according to pre-set rules as to who should be contacted next in the patient care cycle. Throughout the entire process, Veriphy documents the workflow.