NSVascular, a subsidiary of NeuroSigma, has purchased TiNi Alloy's portfolio of patents and related trade secrets.

The acquisition includes US Patent No. 6,746,890 covering the production of three-dimensional thin-film Nitinol (TFN) constructs as well as trade secrets covering the fabrication of TFN.

NSV has developed a flow-diverting stent to treat intracranial aneurysms and is now involved in marketing TFN-covered stents for endovascular applications.

The properties of TFN allow for the fabrication of stents that can be compressed and inserted into vessels through very small catheters, a necessity for endovascular technologies being used in the brain.

Preclinical data shows that NSV’s TFN-based flow diverter promotes faster occlusion and resorption of the aneurysm, thus lowering the chance of recurrence.

NeuroSigma president and CEO Leon Ekchian said, "TiNi Alloy’s comprehensive patent portfolio and related trade secrets are very complementary to the TFN-covered stent intellectual property NSV exclusively licensed from University of California last year."