Novogene, AITbiotech and Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) have partnered to establish a new whole genome sequencing (WGS) centre in Singapore.

NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore, a joint venture of Novogene and AITbiotech, will set up the WGS centre in Biopolis.

The center will offer Illumina HiSeq X based whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of human, plant and animal samples for biomedical and agricultural researchers.

WGS centrw will extend its support for public research projects and undertake sequencing initiatives in Singapore and the region.

NovogeneAIT will also partner with GIS to develop new applications of next-generation sequencing such as WGS solutions for cancer diagnosis and stratified cancer treatment.

Novogene CEO Dr Ruiqiang Li said: “The centre is the first major project for NovogeneAIT and is an important milestone for our company.

“We look forward to providing high-quality sequencing services in Singapore and to advancing important research initiatives that can benefit humanity."

GIS executive director professor Ng Huck Hui said: “Such public-private partnerships will prove to be highly beneficial as it leverages the strengths of both parties to advance genomic science and medicine in Singapore, as well as to create successful local biotech companies."

With around 1,300 employees and multiple locations across the world, Novogene provides genomic services and solutions.

AITbiotech offers genomic services, including capillary sequencing, next-generation sequencing services, bioinformatics services and customized molecular services to the research, healthcare and biomedical industries in Singapore and Asia.