Novo Nordisk has introduced Coags Uncomplicated, the first mobile application (app) to assist in the diagnosis of bleeding disorders.

Novo Nordisk created Coags Uncomplicated in partnership with Craig Kessler, professor of Medicine and Pathology and Director of the Coagulation Laboratory, Georgetown University Hospital, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Coags Uncomplicated features a Lab Value Analyzer that enables physicians to input test results and receive a list of potential diagnoses to consider including a description of each bleeding disorder and typical lab values.

The app also provides step-by-step suggestions for appropriate lab tests to narrow possible diagnoses.

The app provides for the first time, in one place, information about bleeding disorders and their effects on coagulation laboratory tests, to help clinicians quickly and more accurately diagnose bleeding disorders.

Biopharmaceuticals vice president Eddie Williams said while physicians are increasingly using hand-held devices to access medical information, no such tool has existed to help with the diagnosis of bleeding disorders, especially when getting to the correct diagnosis quickly may be critical.

"Novo Nordisk was pleased to collaborate with Kessler on this innovative approach to address an unmet need, further demonstrating our commitment to the bleeding disorder community," Williams said.