NovoRapid PumpCart is a 1.6ml prefilled insulin pump cartridge that contains rapid-acting insulin NovoRapid.

Novo Nordisk’s NovoRapid (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection) is a mealtime insulin indicated to improve glycaemic control in adults and children with diabetes.

The prefilled insulin pump cartridge is compatible with Roche Diabetes Care’s next-generation Accu-Chek Insight diabetes therapy system.

Roche Diabetes Care and Novo Nordisk have developed the NovoRapid PumpCart under a non-exclusive partnership.

According to Novo Nordisk and Roche, the prefilled cartridge and insulin delivery system is anticipated to make insulin pump therapy more convenient for people with diabetes.

Novo Nordisk marketing and medical affairs executive vice president Jakob Riis noted today, insulin pump users go through a rather complicated process of filling disposable plastic reservoirs with insulin, typically from a larger insulin vial.

"Now, insulin pump users can simply place a prefilled insulin cartridge into their insulin pump without any extra handling steps. Novo Nordisk is committed to continuously improving diabetes care and to make the lives of people with diabetes easier, so we are pleased to provide pump users with this new treatment option," Riis added.

NovoRapid PumpCart is currently anticipated to be introduced in selected European countries during 2014 and 2015.