The multiplex testing applications include tests for infectious diseases, cancer, companion diagnostics, autoimmune disease, genetic screening, and pharmacogenomics.

The Applied BioCode’s BMB integrate the semiconductor’s photolithographic technology with biotechnology to form a bioassay platform that can improve the throughput and reduce the cost of diagnostic testing.

The BMB Analyzer utilises 128 different barcodes that allows up to 128 individual assays to be completed on a sample at the same time. By assigning a specific barcode to each probe (protein or nucleic acid), they have the ability to easily and reliably analyse multiple targets in one test tube or one microwell for most clinical diagnostics applications.

The Applied BioCode’s BMB Analyzer is a simple optical imaging system for a 96-well microplate format. After undergoing reaction, the beads settle to the bottom of each well, allowing for barcode identification and fluorescent signal detection. Multiple analyte tests can be performed in each well in 40 seconds.