NovaBone Bioactive Strip is bioglass dispersed in a collagen matrix in a preformed shape, and is cross linked using a process that avoids the use of aldehydes alleviating any concern of residual aldehyde contamination.

The cross linked device retains its shape even after manipulation, or hydration with bone marrow aspirate.

NovaBone Products president Art Wotiz said: "This past September, we announced the launch of MacroFORM Packable Graft and MacroFORM Composite.

"Both of those products are designed to be hydrated with bone marrow aspirate and then molded into a putty type format and were the first of a new bioactive collagen line designed for use in orthopedic surgeries."

The optimal composition and pore size of the strip is designed to mimic cancellous bone.

According to the company, the strips’s open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.

The company also produces bioactive products, including Novabone Bioactive Synthetic Putty, Novabone Bioactive Synthetic Putty MIS Cartridge Delivery System, Novabone MacroPor Si+ Bioactive Bone Graft, Novabone OS – Si+ Morsels Porous Synthetic Bone Graft and Novabone Osteostimulative Morsels.

Image: Compression resistant, formable and moldable Osteostimulative Bone Graft. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.