MacroFORM™ Packable Graft combines 85% bioactive ingredient with collagen in a mixing cup while MacroFORM™ Composite combines 90% bioactive ingredient with collagen in a preformed strip.

MacroFORM’s highly bioactive collagen scaffold is engineered to have an open porous structure to enhance the absorption of bone marrow aspirate and facilitate bone growth. Both products can be manipulated into a putty format after mixing.

"Since its inception, our company has developed numerous formulations and delivery systems that accelerated bone growth," said Arthur Wotiz, President of NovaBone Products. "We are especially proud of this collagen based product and will continue to pioneer collagen grafting options," he added.

NovaBone Products developed the two MacroFORM™ products as a result of an extensive research and testing process.

The research and development plan was designed to achieve a high weight percent of active ingredient while developing robust manufacturing processes. With the success of this effort, NovaBone now has a defined core competence in designing and manufacturing collagen products with research underway for additional formulations.