Northstar Health System, a rural critical-access health care system in Iron River, Michigan, has recently completed an $18m renovation that included upgrading its medical imaging technology. Reportedly, it is the first facility in the country to acquire the advanced capabilities of the Aplio MX.

With the Aplio MX, Northstar Health System is able to complete advanced ultrasound exams, usually performed with larger, expensive ultrasound systems, using the smaller system without sacrificing quality. Northstar Health System is using the high-end radiology capabilities of the system to perform a full spectrum of exams, including breast, OB, abdomen, vascular studies and echocardiograms.

Additionally, the Aplio MX Ultrasound is beneficial for varicose vein patients, as it clearly visualises the veins for treatment planning without radiation dose.

The Aplio MX is approximately 30% lighter than traditional cart-based systems and improves ergonomics with its 19-inch flexible monitor and customisable key console. The Aplio MX is the latest addition to Toshiba’s strategic platform of quality ultrasound systems to meet a range of customer needs and offer value at every level and price point.

Northstar Health System also utilises Toshiba’s exclusive Precision Imaging technology on the Aplio MX. Precision Imaging acquires ultrasound images of high clarity and resolution, enabling users to see more clinical detail. As a multi-resolution signal processing technology, it not only evaluates images line by line, but also includes information from adjacent lines to enhance the amount of information obtained.

Eric Beauchamp, diagnostic services manager of Northstar Health System, said: “The Aplio MX portable ultrasound system allows us to bring high-end imaging to the patient’s bedside more efficiently and expands our diagnostic service line with a new vein clinic.

“The ergonomically friendly design and quick start and shutoff time enable us to complete an extra eight exams a day. Our goal is to provide the best diagnostic imaging equipment for our patients and staff, and the Aplio MX is helping us to accomplish that.”