Nortech Systems, a full-service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider of wire and cable assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies, and higher-level complete box build assemblies for industries, has acquired all of the intellectual property and assets of Trivirix, excluding cash and receivables.

Nortech Systems said that the Milaca operation specialises in design, manufacturing and post-production services of complex electronic and electromechanical medical devices for diagnostic, analytical and other life-science applications. In addition, they maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification, FDA registration and QSR compliance.

Nortech Systems serves three core market segments namely industrial, defense, medical and market analysts expect medical to have the growth potential for EMS firms. The company has manufacturing capabilities and operating partners in the US, Asia and Latin America.

Mike Degen, president and CEO of Nortech Systems, said: “This acquisition expands our capabilities and expertise serving medical electronics manufacturers.

“Along with enhancing our long-term sales opportunities to both existing and new customers, the quality systems, supply chain expertise and lean manufacturing discipline we acquired make this a fit with Nortech.”