Norgenix Pharmaceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spartanburg-based JM Smith Corporation, and Fertility Focus have entered into a partnership to market Fertiloscope.

The Fertiloscope is a novel laparoscope device used for minimally invasive trans-vaginal purpose in Fertiloscopy and is CE marked and 510(k) approved surgical instrument for the early diagnosis and immediate corrective surgery of physical causes of female infertility.

Norgenix has exclusive rights to market and distribute the Fertiloscope in the US, as well as US territories and military bases.

The product will benefit from the strategic support of Glenveigh Medical as well, with whom Norgenix has an existing alliance in the US to promote medical devices developed by Glenveigh.

Norgenix is a North American specialty pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology company that engages in the development, commercialization, and sales of products in the women’s health arena.

Fertility Focus is a UK-based company that develops devices aimed at the infertility market.