The diagnostic kits provide a fast, robust, reliable and simple procedure for isolating high quality DNA, RNA, and microRNA suitable for molecular biology applications.

The sensitivity and speed make these kits useful and powerful tools for isolating high quality analytes from urine for applications not only in biomarker discovery and diagnosis but also in the monitoring of renal and other diseases. The preservative kit is convenient and useful for preserving macromolecules during shipping at ambient temperature.

Yousef Haj-Ahmad, president and CEO of Norgen Biotek, said: “Currently, we have more than 70 kits for genomics and proteomics research applications. Our mission is to bring to market innovative Best-in-Class sample preparation kits that can be used in research as well as in diagnostic applications.

Indeed, since we became ISO certified we have been diligently working on adopting these cutting edge sample preparation tolls to develop First-In-Class non-invasive point-of-care diagnostic kits”