Cyprus-based NnBU Holdings has announced that it will raise €15m via initial coin offering (ICO) for the development and commercialization of world's first blockchain-based neonatal birth unit.

The new blockchain-based medical device is being developed to help deliver healthy outcomes for babies born by Caesarean-section (C-section).

NnBU has completed the conceptual design and secured patent for the new neonatal birth unit. Once developed, the device will be provided to the hospitals and clinics.

The medical device will be used to massage the torso of a C-section newborn and simulate the positive stresses of natural birth.

NnBU device throws light on the baby's fontanel to provide comfortable waking process for the newborn baby, as most C-section babies are born asleep.

The new medical device inventors have collaborated with Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation and medical devices develop DMTpe to further develop and commercialise the system.

NnBU baby care unit will integrate three functions, which will operate within the blockchain.

First function involves the operation of the unit by trained and qualified medical staffers, while the second function involves the maintenance work on the device by qualified medical personnel.

According to the company, the exact treatment secured by each baby will be recorded, and subject to the permission of the parents and the laws on this sensitive subject, over time there will be an invaluable research tool relating to children who have had C-section deliveries.

NnBU CEO Frédéric Vo Van said: "I myself was born through caesarean section. In my thirties I realised I was developing symptoms which studies have shown are connected to conditions typically experienced by a significant proportion of people born by C-section.

“This is a superb initiative that allows people to get involved with a far-reaching, long-sighted, technological innovation that is set to improve health outcomes for many children for several decades to come."

Image: NnBU’s blockchain-based neonatal birth unit. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto /NnBU Holdings Ltd.