NMT’s product development platform, based on transdermal neuromodulation technology, will be leveraged for a wide variety of emesis indications, including post-operative nausea, cancer treatment, pregnancy and motion sickness, among others.

In addition, NMT will be pursuing other indications in numerous central nervous system-based disease states that are well-suited to the delivery platform.

Neurowave Medical Technologies CEO Farhan Hussain said that NMT is in a position to distribute anti-emetic transdermal products in each clinical market segment through its own sales and marketing teams, and by working with key partners and distributors for the retail, clinical and international marketplaces.

NMT has recently launched Reletex, a new transdermal neuromodulation device for treating post-operative nausea and has built a capable and commercial organisation to drive rapid success in the Post-Surgical market space.