Exelis, a global aerospace, defence and information solutions firm and US-based NIRF Imaging have entered into a long-term exclusive agreement to develop and market a near-infrared fluorescence imaging technology for point-of-care diagnostic applications.

Under the terms of an exclusive agreement, Exelis will provide NIRF Imaging with its proprietary Pinnacle Gen III image intensifier (I2) tubes, which have historically been used primarily in military-grade night vision goggles, for use as a key component in NIRF Imaging’s proprietary medical imaging technology.

According to the company, the ability to provide a ‘ready-now’ technology like Pinnacle was a key factor in selecting Exelis as a partner.

Also, with NIRF technology development completed and validated in multiple clinical studies, NIRF Imaging and Exelis will finalise both the commercial design and manufacturing process for NIRF Imaging’s initial product, the NIRF-LI system.

This NIRF-LI system is expected to provide physicians and surgeons with the only dynamic, non-invasive, point-of-care imaging system available for imaging the body’s lymphatic system, without the risks associated with radioactive imaging agents.