Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems (NIMS) has selected Medica Avante as an exclusive distributor for its Exer-Rest acceleration therapeutic platform in Mexico, after receiving Mexican Ministry of Health approval as a Class I medical device.

The Exer-Rest is an US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listed medical device intended as an aid to temporarily increase local circulation, to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains, to reduce morning stiffness and to provide local muscle relaxation.

The distribution agreement requires Medica Avante to purchase a minimum number of Exer-Rest units, which are expected to be sold to Mexican hospitals, physical therapy facilities, pain centers, senior living communities and individuals.

NIMS CEO Marvin Sackner said that over the past several months, Medica Avante had healthcare professionals evaluate their technology of Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) therapy for chronic neurological disorders and they were quite satisfied with patient outcomes and they are pleased to have Medica Avante market the Exer-Rest in Mexico.

The companies said that WBPA therapy produced by NIMS’ Exer-Rest has been demonstrated to naturally increase the body’s release of beneficial mediators like Nitric Oxide.