Neurosurgical device manufacturer Nico has partnered with surgical ultrasound provider Hitachi Aloka Medical America to create improved visualization for difficult to reach brain tumors.


The partnership will work together to provide neurosurgeons with real-time and intraoperative imaging to assist with greater extent of resection when accessing brain tumors using the Nico BrainPath.

Nico president and CEO Jim Pearson said: "The neurosurgical field is rapidly adopting new devices to expand treatment capabilities as the population ages and the number of cases increase."

"BrainPath is at the center of this growth due to its ability to uniquely provide atraumatic subcortical access, providing a platform for other innovative, neurosurgical device companies to partner with us in creating better options for patients."

BrainPath has been used in around 2,500 procedures in the treatment of subcortical abnormalities at more than 60 institutions across the US. In some cases, visualization of the tumor becomes difficult, if a larger access point is not created, increasing the chances of deficits.

The new Hitachi Aloka ultrasound probe, which is under development, has been specifically designed for use with the BrainPath. It will help surgeons to effectively locate tumors beyond their direct vision in the surgical field.

Recently, Nico received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for BrainPath for specific indications for subcortical access to brain tumors, cysts and vascular disease.

Hitachi Aloka Medical America GM and president David Famiglietti said: "For a field as complex as neurosurgery, we are excited to partner with NICO on this innovative new solution for minimally invasive, yet highly effective surgical site visualization and access."

Image: Nico, Hitachi Aloka Medical have collaborated to create improved visualization for difficult to reach brain tumors. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/NICO Corporation.