The report collates the most recent published evidence, and surmises that gammaCore is beneficial for people suffering with cluster headache. Clinical specialists propose that gammaCore has the potential to be a treatment option for people who haven’t responded to, or can’t tolerate currently available treatments.

Cluster headache is an excruciating primary headache disorder that is frequently nicknamed ‘suicide headache’ due to its severity, and has recently been recognized by the NHS as one of the top 20 most painful conditions known to man. It is estimated to cost the NHS in England more than £10,000 a year per patient, and affects approximately 66,000 people in the UK.

The Walton Centre Consultant Neurologist Nick Silver said: “Cluster headache can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life. The publication of this MIB means that healthcare professionals can now have the confidence to prescribe gammaCore for appropriate patients. The MIB indicates that gammaCore has no known side effects and is easy to use to help prevent cluster headache or alleviate their pain, enabling patients to engage in normal activities such as returning to work and spending time with their friends and families.”

A MIB is a report developed by NICE to support NHS and social care commissioners and staff who are considering using new medical devices and other medical or diagnostic technologies. The information provided includes a description of the technology, how it’s used and its potential role in the treatment pathway.

The opinion of three leading clinical experts and the advocacy group, Migraine Trust, were consulted in the development of the MIB. The report showed that the use of gammaCore alongside standard of care may be more effective than standard of care only in the treatment of cluster headaches. It also states that gammaCore does not need to be surgically implanted and does not require clinical monitoring.

electroCore CEO Francis R. Amato said: “We are encouraged by the findings of the report which reiterate that gammaCore is an effective treatment option for adults with this highly debilitating condition.

“Healthcare organizations using gammaCore can help to empower patients to take control of their condition by self-administering nVNS therapy. electroCore will continue to partner with NICE to ensure that our technology is routinely available to eligible patients on the NHS.”

gammaCore modifies pain signals by stimulating the vagus nerve through the transmission of a mild electrical signal. It can be used either to prevent cluster headache from occurring, or can be used to treat pain during a headache. As a hand-held, portable device, the technology allows patients to self-care from the comfort and privacy of a home environment, which could help to alleviate hospital-setting pressures.

Source: Company Press Release