Nexcelom Bioscience has entered into an agreement to distribute De Novo Software's FCS Express 4 Cytometry Software.

Nexcelom will distribute the FCS Express 4 Cytometry Software to customers in the research, biotech and pharmaceutical markets, as per the agreement.

The FCS Software can import Nexcelom’s Cellometer Vision data for visualization of multi-parametric results.

With the Cellometer Vision CBA Analysis System, a drop-down menu of assays with pre-set optical module selection, exposure time, and data calculation/presentation set-up make imaging and analysis simple and repeatable.

Users receive fluorescent cell images, dot plots, and histograms in pre-optimized layouts for specific cell-based assays, with just 20 microlitres of sample and a few clicks.

Researchers can also see cell morphology real-time and archive cell images along with comprehensive analysis reports.

Nexcelom CTO Jean Qiu said FCS Express 4 is helping them to improve the overall end-user experience, enabling scientists to focus less on the plotting and formatting process and more on results.

Nexcelom CEO Peter Li said seamless integration of FCS Express 4 provides data reporting and applications support for the Cellometer cell based assays.