Researchers at the University of Alabama (UAB) have developed a new bio-coating technology which can improve the long-term performance of medical implant devices such as heart valves and cardiac stents.

The bio-nanomatrix, which is a bio-engineered material on the nano scale, mimics the natural endothelium – the thin layer of cells that lines blood vessels.

As the bio-nanomatrix promotes the body’s acceptance of an implant device, it can help prevent post-operative tissue scarring that can lead to thrombosis, or blood-flow blockage.

The patent-pending technology, developed with other interdisciplinary researchers from the UAB schools of Medicine and Engineering, has been licensed by the UAB Research Foundation to Endomimetics, the UAB spin-out founded by Ho-Wook Jun and Brigitta Brott.

Brott said improving the body’s acceptance of the medical devices to reduce blood-clot formation and scar-tissue growth can improve patients’ quality of life and cut down healthcare costs.