The collaboration will allow the senior living industry and NeuroVigil to collect a wide range of neurobiological data from seniors.

According to ASHA chairman John Rios, the data will be collected with NeuroVigil’s portable brain monitoring device iBrain, and processed by its proprietary algorithms, including the SPEARS algorithm, which converts electroencephalogram (EEG) into maps of brain activity.

Based on various factors, the neurotechnology will be launched in the senior care facilities shortly, noted NeuroVigil.

NeuroVigil chairman and CEO Dr Philip Low said: "Enabling seniors to participate in cutting-edge research studies by giving them access to portable and non-invasive neurotechnology to objectively measure changes in brain activity generated by the types of life enrichment programs made available to them, will help shed light on these programs."

Established in 1991, ASHA is involved in the operation, development, and finance of the entire spectrum of senior housing, independent living, assisted living, and continuing care retirement communities.