Neuros Medical, a US-based neuromodulation company, has announced the issuance of a new patent in the US for its high frequency electrical nerve block technology.

The new patent covers broad claims, focusing on blocking nerve activity, in nerve sizes 3mm up to 12mm in diameter, for a variety of applications that include pain, spasticity, and bladder.

With the new US patent, Neuros Medical has currently three issued patents in its portfolio.

Neuros Medical president and CEO Jon Snyder said: "We are extremely pleased with the issuance of this new patent, which adds to our existing portfolio and continues to bolster our strong patent claims and intellectual property protection."

Currently, Neuros Medical is in the initial stages of its randomized, controlled pivotal clinical trial to assess its Altius high frequency nerve block system for the management of intractable limb pain of amputees.

The pivotal clinical trial, which builds upon the company’s long-term pilot study, includes 130 patients at 15 medical centers in the US. The study results will support a premarket approval application to the US Food and Drug Administration.

The long-term pilot study demonstrated significant pain reduction. Additionally, more than half of the patients discontinued their pain medication use during the study.