Understanding the challenges that nearly 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain experience every day, NeuroMetrix is dedicated to developing innovative technology to provide life-changing pain relief.

Demonstrating that commitment, the newly unveiled features include enhanced personalization and health tracking capabilities.

Quell is FDA cleared, 100% drug free and combines advanced neurotechnology in a wearable format with a sophisticated app for users to personalize and control therapy while tracking their pain and relevant health metrics. The product has made a difference in tens of thousands of lives since its introduction in 2015.

In a clinical study published last year in the Journal of Pain Research, 81 percent of subjects reported improvement in their chronic pain after 60 days of using Quell. Innovative solutions like Quell are more important than ever for the chronic pain community.

The widely publicized conversation around the opioid epidemic has created treatment challenges for those suffering from chronic pain.

“With chronic pain impacting so many people, we look forward to building awareness of alternative treatments among CES attendees and more broadly the chronic pain community,” said Shai N. Gozani, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of NeuroMetrix.

“We are eager to introduce our most advanced technology features at the show, which were specifically designed to help our users better manage their pain, so they can get back to living their lives.”

The newest product features being showcased at the booth this week include:

App calibration: Users can now calibrate their devices using the Quell app. This is the first step in user personalization and now makes Quell even easier to use.

Unprecedented personalization capabilities: For optimal pain relief, Quell now provides customized therapy dosage and responsive therapy at night. The device also incorporates automatic time of day adjustments to address circadian fluctuations in sensation and pain.

Progress measurement: Quell users are now able to track multiple health dimensions including pain, activity and gait. These metrics, in addition to therapy and sleep, can help people better understand and manage their chronic pain.

Enhanced battery life: The update delivers up to a 40 percent improvement in battery life allowing longer usage between recharges. Many users will now only need to charge their Quell device every 5-7 days.

Future proof: The latest version of Quell is capable of remote upgrades enabling Quell users to easily take advantage of future improvements.