Neuro Kinetics said that audiologists, ENT’s, neuro-otologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists use NKI’s VEST software to conduct various vestibular, ocular-motor and optokinetic tests that assess balance and central and peripheral neurologic functions.

Kwangwoo Medix has represented Neuro Kinetics in South Korea since 2007. It helped the manufacturer to earn necessary regulatory approvals from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).

Howison Schroeder, president and CEO of Neuro Kinetics , said: “Our global strategy includes expanding the clinical utility of our devices by enhancing the range of tests that may be efficiently run on our devices. Kwangwoo Medix continues to be a valuable partner as we reach out to additional medical practitioners in Korea and beyond.”

Cheon-Bock Lim, president of Kwangwoo Medix, said: “Working with Neuro Kinetics has been a rewarding experience for us and the doctors we support. Kwangwoo Medix prides itself in supplying the best technology in the world to our Korean Doctors and Neuro Kinetics is such a partner. We are confident of the success that awaits both companies as we move forward with them.”