The Phase II SBIR grant is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NKI’s current work builds on its I-Portal technology as well as earlier design and research conducted and patented by the University of Pittsburgh. NKI licenses rights to commercialize the University’s intellectual property.

Howison Schroeder, president and CEO of NKI, said: “NKI’s Phase II grant funds expanded clinical trials and the next evolution of the product design. The objective is a new, noninvasive and cost-effective commercial device to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and help screen for diabetes.”

According to Mr Schroeder, the NKI’s diabetic retinopathy research and the eventual commercialization of its envisioned device are in line with the company’s strategy of expanding the clinical utility of its I-Portal technology and the range of tests than can conducted with the technological platform.

NKI is collaborating with the US military on research into the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries caused by combat blasts.