NetScientific (NSCI), the biomedical and healthcare technology group, has formed a new digital health sales and marketing subsidiary company, Triventis Health, in partnership with iMPak Health (iMPak), a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Health Hospital Group, New Jersey, USA.

Triventis will provide smart digital healthcare solutions, enabling better patient data collection, connectivity and software to give healthcare providers actionable clinical data.

The new company will have its own sales force to sell and market the integrated solutions provided by a combination of Wanda Health’s (a NetScientific subsidiary) cloud-based information analytics and iMPak’s healthcare expertise and innovative easy-to-use medical devices, to intelligently monitor and manage patients.

This unique healthcare management product has undergone trial and will be adopted by the Meridian Hospital Group – which consists of six hospitals, 100 facility locations and generates US$1.6bn in revenue. The product will then roll out across the USA to other healthcare providers.

The initial product provides continuous monitoring and assessment of patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Triventis will distribute other Wanda Health applications, notably for patients with co-morbidities and iMPak’s next generation medication management to help improve compliance with prescription schedules.

Sir Richard Sykes, Chairman of NetScientific, said: "Keeping patients with chronic diseases out of hospital and managed in their homes is of critical importance to all hospital groups and providers worldwide.

"Our new partnership in the USA with Meridian Health and iMPak, working with Wanda Health analytics, will demonstrate how our combined expertise and technologies can improve patient well-being and reduce costs for providers."