HySpex SWIR-640 camera provides 640 spatial pixels and 360 spectral bands, while maintaining the spectral fidelity and optical quality


HySpex SWIR-640 camera. (Credit: Norsk Elektro Optikk, AS)

Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO), an electro-optics research and development firm, is expanding its Hyperspectral imaging product offering with new SWIR-640 camera, under its HySpex brand.

The Norway-based imaging company has designed the new HySpex SWIR-640 to provide 640 spatial pixels and 360 spectral bands, while maintaining the spectral fidelity and optical quality.

The advanced camera features sharp optics and 1.2 pixels point spread function (PSF) in the field of view along with capability to reduce spatial and spectral misregistration to less than 10% for all wavelengths.

NEO said that its new SWIR-640 is can be used in all field, lab, and airborne applications.

The new camera is also suitable for researchers and commercial operations in geology, vegetation, military, mining, food-quality and other fields that require precision and consistency of imaging data.

HySpex CEO Trond Løke said: “HySpex’s vision has always been to offer the highest quality and easiest to use hyperspectral imagers in the world. By minimizing spectral and spatial misregistration errors, HySpex users can now capture even more usable and actionable data at the single pixel level.”


HySpex SWIR-640 camera reduces error and increases accuracy in detection

The company said that hyperspectral imaging is becoming prominent due to its capability to solve wide range of problems. Its hyperspectral imaging brand HySpex has been designed to provide optimal performance.

Also, most of the hyperspectral imaging users are facing a common problem of optical systems transmitting errors into data, which in turn affects its interpretation, said the company.

The problem is considerable, as errors exceeding 10% of a pixel negatively would affect material discrimination and pixel classification because of nonlinear contributions from neighboring pixels.

The company claimed that reduced error results in more effective pixels and increased accuracy in detection, makes SWIR-640 the ideal hyperspectral camera, at low-cost per effective pixel.

Established in 1985, NEO has started its hyperspectral imaging operations in 1995 and has established HySpex as a top brand for both airborne and ground-based hyperspectral imaging.

MGGP Aero remote sensing team leader Jan Niedzielko said: “The new SWIR-640 camera can be a game changer. Not only is it more affordable than having two SWIR-384’s, it also makes the processing chain a lot easier. I recommend HySpex products due to high quality and the HySpex support team is very professional and provides great assistance.”

Nofima senior scientist Karsten Heia said: “I have used HySpex systems for more than 17 years now and can recommend these systems. These systems have proven highly applicable for food quality analysis where high spatial resolution and signal to noise ratio is required.”