Nemaura to integrate its proBEAT glucose sensors with HealthFleet’s proven RestoreHealth wellness program targeted at U.S.


HealthFleet’s RestoreHealth program is a corporate, comprehensive, end-to-end wellness solution offered to subscriber employees. (Credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash)

Nemaura Medical, a medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing non-invasive wearable sensors and supporting personalized lifestyle and weight reduction programs, today announced receipt of a first purchase order for 5,000 proBEAT subscriptions from HealthFleet, a leading telehealth provider focusing on care, coaching, and health recommendations. The purchase order consists of 75,000 proBEAT glucose sensors over an initial five month period and is valued at $500,000 in revenue. HealthFleet has an option to increase volumes based on customer response.

HealthFleet’s RestoreHealth program is a corporate, comprehensive, end-to-end wellness solution offered to subscriber employees. The program delivers high engagement – which is deemed critical to demonstrable and sustained health outcomes — through unique and extensive coaching, rich and targeted content and curriculum, and detailed reporting across multiple chronic conditions. HealthFleet has a ready-made market through direct access to a customer base of several million employees, consumers, and patients through its existing client network and plans to rapidly expand this further. HealthFleet’s customers include a number of Fortune 500 companies, insurers, and provider groups.

Dr. Faz Chowdhury, Nemaura’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The HealthFleet purchase order is our first collaboration in the United States, and provides an important opportunity to potentially improve outcomes for people with type 2 diabetes by integrating our proBEAT platform into HealthFleet’s RestoreHealth program. We are confident that our proprietary sensor technology can improve patient engagement and potential outcomes in the RestoreHealth program, and believe that the improved outcomes to be seen in this pilot can help to position this as the program of choice across the U.S. health economy.”

The successful use of feedback from glucose monitors for weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal is well documented in both the clinical and non-clinical space and has been noted to increase user engagement. There is increasing demand globally from program providers to differentiate their programs with sensors that can provide feedback on overall health and wellness to potentially increase health outcomes and returns on investment for program providers. Pilot studies integrating proBEAT glucose sensors as part of a metabolic health and wellbeing program are already currently running in collaboration with the UK’s National Health Service.

Members using the RestoreHealth program for 12 months have demonstrated positive health results, including a 5.1% average weight loss, a significant decrease in HBA1C — a key measure of average blood glucose levels — and meaningful improvements in cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The Company believes this collaboration between Nemaura and HealthFleet brings together two best-in-class organizations, creating a potentially compelling new program offering that uniquely positions the RestoreHealth program in the market. HealthFleet expects incremental health benefits by integrating Nemaura’s proBEAT technology into its RestoreHealth program.

Source: Company Press Release