NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) has launched the new 30-inch widescreen Dome S10 that supports 10-bit and 8-bit grayscale image data (advancement in mammography) through interfaces, eliminating the need for proprietary libraries.

Featuring non-reflective glass for higher-clarity viewing, and 4096 x 2560 resolution, the S10 has raised the bar in optical performance in mammography screening.

The Dome S10 series uses intelligent engineering for efficient design, reducing overall power consumption and eliminating mechanical fans which are prone to failure.

RightCheck front-sensor technology provides optimum remote testing and validation, giving precise measurements for quick and confident confirmation of DICOM conformance.

The Dome S10 also includes integrated, mammography-specific functionality like automated scheduling and reminders for daily, monthly, and annual quality control testing.

NDSsi Radiology Business Unit vice president and general manager Peter Steven said that they designed the Dome S10 to deliver image viewing without compromise, addressing the need for both impeccable diagnostic quality, as well as the demands of the radiology environment.

"The two 5MP image capability is just part of the S10’s innovation. The ultra-thin, non-reflective display provides pristine diagnostic images. Our low-power, fanless design delivers a more efficient cooling system. The S10 is a leap forward in mammography, with super-accurate readings from a product that is also sleek, cool, efficient, and lightweight," Steven said.