NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) has launched its visualization and informatics platform, the ConnectOR G2, with production units shipping to customers. Based on the NDSsi technology vision of Medical Visualization Informatics (MVI), ConnectOR G2 medical-grade products offers the ability to connect the realms of PACS imaging, surgical video and medical informatics.

ConnectOR G2 also offers user-selective multi-display support, HD image routing and HD surgical video streaming over the Ethernet/Internet.

The medical-grade device housed in one compact enclosure can serve as the visualization informatics backbone for operating theaters and minimally-invasive surgery environments, enhancing clinical workflow and improving overall efficiency.

NDSsi said that the ConnectOR G2 platform supports up to ten multiple-format video inputs from a wide array of medical devices and signal types, which can then be routed to three independently switched multi-modality outputs.

The ConnectOR G2 can be used together with NDSsi’s ZeroWire wireless transceivers and Radiance medical monitors for a complete end-to-end surgical visualization system, allowing the easiest and fastest integration available.

Jens Ruppert, vice president and general manager of surgical business unit at NDSsi, said: “With ConnectOR G2, multiple video sources can now be routed instantly to the surgeon’s field of view. This technology is an leap forward in real-time delivery of critical patient data to all surgical team members. The immediacy of multi-image access, more image content, with cutting-edge HD clarity, is revolutionizing the modern OR.”