NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) reported that the stabilized LED backlight is available in all new 26” Radiance G2 High-Bright surgical displays.

The backlight stabilization assures consistent brightness of images over the life of the display, specified at 25,000 hours, without any dimming or compromise in luminance output.

The result is a new level of image clarity and consistency, with enhanced brightness, contrast and color.

The backlight stabilization in the 26" Radiance HB products is calibrated to 500 cd/m² using the NDS Intelli-Guard Backlight Control System.

Along with the LED backlight, all 26" Radiance G2 HB displays will ship with NDSsi’s proprietary Color Correction Technology (CCT), a dynamic color calibration solution.

Color Correction Technology ensures accurate, consistent color across all screens, whether installed on carts or booms, or in different rooms.