Naviscan has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Neoprobe as a partner to further develop its patented imaging technology.

One such patent, now licensed to Neoprobe, enables a novel gamma ray detector, or a gamma probe, to translate gamma emission data into a 3-dimensional representation of a gamma-emitting source, such as a malignant lesion or tumor.

Partnering with Neoprobe, a provider in 3-D gamma imaging, allows Naviscan technology to be developed in cancer surgical applications.

Neoprobe executive vice president and chief development officer Mark Pyskett said their agreement with Naviscan provides an opportunity to augment their strategic positioning in the gamma detection space in partnership with a provider in the cancer imaging space.

"We believe the 3-dimensional gamma imaging technology from Naviscan is a natural extension of our current line of gamma detection devices and enhances the opportunities in this technology category, while opening new opportunities to expand our product platform and advance pipeline development," Pykett said.